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2、�Slasher Goat(buy items without gold coins)Temple run 2 MOD APK includes a variety of challenges and individual achievements such as store, objectives, artifacts, leaderboards, coin skins, stats. Essentially the keys will have significant track keys in them before we run into any path. We need to put those keys together. Three keys we need to gather together and open a gold box. We were given one or two of the rewards inside that gold box, and the gift items we needed were cash and emeralds. We can take this game to the next level if we use it to our advantage. Not only will rewards be available, but if we fill in the answers to the questions in that key, the coins will unexpectedly be the only weapons. If we do not want a square-shaped gold coin, we can set up any hole coins in the fish and Old Stone Age. Artifacts This includes more than 50 rewards. Overall we have paths in 5 sections. There are many different types of rewards on all five routes in those five categories.



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1、Which late her noble suit in court did shun,�

2、Enswathed and sealed to curious secrecy.�



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