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<p>At the start of March, it was announced that two pieces of DLC would be heading for the iOS and Android versions of Cultist Simulator. That time is now so you'll find The Priest and The Ghoul are both available and will cost $1.99 each.</p><p>Meanwhile, the game itself is also discounted for one week to celebrate the launch of the DLC. It usually costs $6.99 but you can currently pick up Cultist Simulator for $3.99 instead. So if you've had your eye on the game now be a good time to jump in.</p><p>If you're not familiar with what Cultist Simulator is all about or aren't sure if it's worth your time then I'd suggest taking a look at Matt Thrower's review from 2019. Matt enjoyed his time with the game but adds that it absolutely isn't going to be for everyone's tastes.</p><p>Despite the potentially divisive nature of the game, it has sold very well. Mathilda Gabrilot, communication manager for Playdigious, recently discussed the sales among other things in a recent guest post on our sister site</p><p>Anyway, the DLCs themselves introduce new ways to play the game with each introducing a new legacy and two new ascensions. In both cases, they can randomly become available whilst playing a new game but will always appear if you ended your previous game a certain way. In the case of the Priest, this will be if you concluded by succumbing to Fascination whilst the Ghoul will be an option if you succumb to Dread.</p>.

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