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<p>"That is how you do permadeath," tweets Zach Gage.</p><p>He's referring to the new "True Grit" mode that he's added to the Gold Award-winning Sage Solitaire.</p><p>While playing True Grit, if you lose all your money (i.e. go below zero) then you can never play it again.</p><p>Other than that, True Grit plays like the other new mode, called Vegas.</p><p>The difference to Sage Solitaire's normal mode is that every game matters and you'll need to gamble your progress if you want to set a high score.</p><p>"It's tough," Gage notes, "but if you lose too badly you can always reset your bank."</p><p>The difference that True Grit makes is not being able to reset your bank at all. Your decisions are permanent and big mistakes, as said, will get you cast out forever.</p><p>This update also brings with it 40 achievements to obtain and other feature requests you lot have had.</p><p>You can download Sage Solitaire for free on the App Store.</p>.

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